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„Buongiorno Italia, buongiorno Maria“ not only is the first line of a popular Italo hit, but Italy also is ranking high up amongst Europe‘s top holiday destinations and Austria’s prime trading partners with Italian as a favourite choice as foreign language. The numerous dialects and regional varieties sometimes make understanding a bit of a challenge, but we are always ready to assist you with written translations Italian - German - Italian, Italian - English - Italian and any other language combination needed. Other than in dolce far‘ niente style we deliver the translations of your contracts, documents, and papers in no time at all and our in-house CIQS quality assurance system for interpreting assignments guarantees that your message will always get across! 


ad hoc offers you:

  • Interpreting and translation services not just to and from Italian but also all other languages on this planet 
  • Specifically developed in-house quality standards oriented by our customers‘ real needs
  • Top professional interpreters and translators, native speakers with first-class training, impeccable style, and long years of experience
  • Professional order management and strict confidentiality 
  • 6-eye-principle for written translations 
  • Punctual delivery 
  • Flexible organisation of your interpreting assignments 
  • Excellent availability and short response times
  • Interpretation management from an insider perspective 
  • First class references and happy patrons

We offer you interpreters and written translations in any given language. If you require a specific regional variety (e.g. English for Great Britain or South Africa, French for Angola etc.) Portuguese for Angola etc.), please let us know no later than when placing the order.

Italian – the language of the arts and that certain lifestyle

As direct successor of Latin Italian is closely related to French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian amongst others, but as a result of the small-scale political city state structure was long divided into an infinite number of hugely diverse dialects.  During the Middle Ages and the rise of Florence as the centre of cultural production the Tuscan variety benefitting from the widely read works of the tre corone Dante, Petrarca, and Boccaccio gained predominance which it managed to consolidate further aided by Alessandro Manzoni and his Promessi Sposi. 

Italian words have become household terms in almost any language. Pasta asciutta, spaghetti, pizza, are just as international as moda, vino, and gingin. But should you still be lost for words, we are always ready to assist you with high-quality professional translations Italian-German / English -Italian - molto veloce in un attimo solo.

Italian - Facts and Figures

  • 65 million native speakers 
  • Official language in Italy, San Marino, the Vatican, Switzerland, Malta, the European Union  
  • Official secondary language in Somalia, minority language in Slovenia and Croatia