Interpreters & Translations German - English & English - German

Looking for a German - English or English - German interpreter or translation? ad hoc is your number one choice! English is the language most frequently demanded by our clients, both for German - English interpreting assignments and English - German written translations. ad hoc Dolmetscher & Übersetzungen - Interpreters & Translations GmbH also provides English interpreters and translations in combination with any other language. All our interpreters and translators are top professionals boasting many years of experience and making sure that you are never lost for words regardless of the language!

ad hoc offers you:

  • Interpreting and translation services not just to and from English but also all other languages on this planet 
  • Specifically developed in-house quality standards oriented by our customers‘ real needs
  • Top professional interpreters and translators, native speakers with first-class training, impeccable style, and long years of experience
  • Professional order management and strict confidentiality 
  • 6-eye-principle for written translations 
  • Punctual delivery 
  • Flexible organisation of your interpreting assignments 
  • Excellent availability and short response times
  • Interpretation management from an insider perspective 
  • First class references and happy patrons

We offer you interpreters and written translations in any given language. If you require a specific regional variety (e.g. English for Great Britain or South Africa, French for Angola etc.) Portuguese for Angola etc.), please let us know no later than when placing the order.

English - the world’s number one language

Its current 1.5 billion speakers clearly make English the world’s number one language at present. However, there is much more than just one single type of English. In addition to regional varieties innumerable sociolects and lingos further add to its complexity not precisely making things any simpler for that.  

As the business world’s lingua franca English is the ideal vehicle for global communication - subject to perfect command. Creativity and gaffes are just a narrow ridge apart but often throw long shadows. BSE - bad, simple English - may do for small talk with friends, albeit it is definitely less of an option for high-class company brochures and presentations. This is why many of our clients, despite their excellent English language skills, prefer entrusting their high-level translation projects to our expert translators whilst allowing our interpreters to make sure that their message is understood clearly in any language they desire. 

English - Facts and Figures

  • Official language of more than 80 countries.
  • Originally very close to German, many similarities lingering even today: house - Haus, apple - Apfel, world - Welt etc.
  • Innumerable Anglicisms in other languages but also German words in English: kindergarten, hinterland, zeitgeist, angst, bratwurst, sauerkraut etc. 
  • Official language in almost all international organisations including the UN, the OECD, the OSCE, NATO, the EU (where its future is uncertain future in the aftermath of Brexit)

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