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Any plans to expand your business into the Arabic speaking regions, offer Arabic interpreting services at your conference to attract a broader audience, or provide escort interpreters for delegations from Arab countries? Then we are the right choice for you!  

Arabic has been a popular language with our clients not just since the onset of the current migrations, but demand now is clearly rising. Arabic is the mother tongue of 206 million people and used as a second language by another 240 million, making it a leading passepartout language. For most Europeans, however, it rather continues to be a book with seven seals and not just for its script at that.  

Arabic uses a multitude of different dialects, is hugely poetic, and strongly reflects the culture of its countries of origin. We hence recommend interpreters and translators themselves originally hailing from the Arab region, but having lived in the West for a substantial period and therefore offering comprehensive familiarity with either culture. And ad hoc Interpreters and Translation is exactly where to find such specialists!

ad hoc offers you:

  • Interpreting and translation services not just to and from Arabic but also all other languages on this planet 
  • Specifically developed in-house quality standards truly oriented by our customers‘ real-life needs
  • Top professional interpreters and translators, native speakers with first-class training, impeccable style, and long years of experience
  • Professional order management and strict confidentiality 
  • 6-eye-principle for written translations 
  • Punctual delivery 
  • Flexible organisation of your interpreting assignments 
  • Excellent availability and short response times
  • Interpretation management from an insider perspective 
  • First class references and happy patrons

We offer you interpreters and written translations in any given language. If you require a specific regional variety (e.g. English for Great Britain or South Africa, French for Angola etc.) Portuguese for Angola etc.), please let us know no later than when placing the order.

Our recommendation for you: Before placing a translation job from Arabic into any other language please make sure to research how any respective Arabic names etc. contained in your text are spelt in official documents (e.g. passports) in Latin characters. Only if their spelling in the translation coincides with the official version will the translation be valid!  

Arabic - Facts and Figures

  • Official language in: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauretania, Tunesia, West Sahara, Egypt, Iraqk, Israel, Jordania, Syria, Lebanon, Djibouti, Eritrea, Comoros, Somalia, Somaliland, Sudan, Chad, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi-Arabia, United Arab Emirates.
  • Regarded as the language of Islam and as such understood at least passively by all Muslims (or so theory has it).
  • Spread as far as Spain in the 7th and 8th centuries during the Muslim expansion with lasting effects on the Spanish language until this day.  
  • Amongst the official languages of the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the African Union, and the Arab League.