Before commissioning a translation please make sure to clarify the following points. You will thus speed up the process and help minimise costs.

Certification - yes or no

Do you need a certified translation or will a standard translation do the job? If in doubt we recommend you go for certified as a later certification of an originally standard version will turn out the most expensive option of all.

Apostille - yes or no

For certified translations destined for use outside Austria you might need an apostille. Make sure to clarify this issue and let us know before commissioning your translation.


Especially important with faxes and hand-written notes in documents including names as well as stamps. If in doubt type out poorly legible words on an extra sheet which you attach to the original to be translated.


If possible, send us your texts in MSWord, pdf, or PowerPoint format.


Make sure to attach a list of abbreviations and their full meaning to the original.

Translations to languages using non-Latin alphabets

To ensure smooth handling, please communicate the fonts you are planning to use.

Reference documents

Preferably to be transmitted together with the order and clearly earmarked as not to be translated.


Please communicate any preferred terminology from the outset.

Names of persons and places etc. in non-Latin scripts

The spelling of names etc. in certified translations of documents written in non-Latin scripts must be identical with the spelling in the Latin-script version in the passport. It is therefore best to provide us with at least a copy of the passport when you place your order. A different spelling will render the translation invalid and cause extra costs.

Titles of publications already translated etc.

Make sure to inform us of any already existing translations of publications mentioned in your texts. You will thus minimise research time and costs.

Texts destined for publication

If you are planning to have your translation published in print or online, make sure to allow sufficient time for proofing and let us know about it when you place the order.