Written translations by ad hoc  

More than 20 years of experience  

We offer you translation services in all languages and areas, bot hsimple as well as certified. In the age of globalisation the relevance of local providers like ad hoc i soften underestimated for success in international industries like translation. Nevertheless we are your best choice offering decisive advantages over the avalanche of largely anonymous and/or anonymised providers selling their services online.    

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Written translations by ad hoc

We offer you written translations in any language and subject area , both simple and certified.


We produce certified translations of all your documents.  

of websites

Professional translations of multilingual websites.  

of business correspondence

We translate all business documents. 

Of Business Reports

Complex business reports - smoothly translated by ad hoc.  

of Image brochures

We put your company in the limelight in any language. 

Of press statements

ad hoc produces swift and reliable translations of your press statements. 

Translating manuals

We make sure your manuals are understood by all.  

Of research reports

Authentic translations of research reports in all areas.  

Translations of specialist articles and publications 

ad hoc provides scientific translations into all languages.  

of contracts  

Professional translations of your contracts of any kind.  

Medical translations  

When translating medical texts we will assist you with our expertise.  

Translations for
the tourism industry  

Many companies in the tourism industry rely on our translations for their success.