Identify your requirements early on

It is important to decide right at the start of the interpreter recruitment process the languages that will be spoken and into which languages interpretation is required. Theoretically there are no limits to the number of languages for translation. Still, this decision should be taken as early as possible as it is hugely important for the choice of interpreters. Will all participants need interpreting or do you provide the service just for a few? If you offer interpreting services for a greater number of listeners, simultaneous will most likely be your number one choice which means that you will also need specific technical equipment. 

Which languages are important for your event?

You will need to find out which languages are spoken by the speakers (source languages) and which are understood by the audience. This will help you decide on the ideal interpreting mode and the number of interpreters needed. 


At your event speakers will address a multilingual audience and possibly do so in a variety of different languages. You would need interpretation from the language of the speaker into the languages of the audience.

If the audience is going to ask questions, you'll need interpretation also from the languages of the audience into those of the speakers.

Looks complicated? Just contact us! We are happy to provide you with an ideal solution from an insider perspective. 

How many interpreters will you need?

The number of interpreters assigned depends on the number of languages and combinations. Interpreters usually work in teams of two and take turns. As a rule of thumb you will need two interpreters per target language.    


Assume your meeting needs interpretation from English, German, Russian, and Italian and these languages are also those needed by the audience. This would be best done by simultaneous interpretation which requires three interpreting booths with two interpreters working in each, relaying each other every 30 minutes, i.e. six interpreters in total. 

Scheduling and the interpreters

Length of sessions

Assignments at events in Vienna are either defined as half days (up to 4 hours including breaks), full days (up to eight hours including breaks) or short assignments (one hour maximum). All assignments outside Vienna are full days.

Extra hours will be charged for excess times for every commenced hour. 

The timetable of a conference can affect the number of interpreters required. To provide consistent, quality interpretation, interpreters need to rest from time to time if assignments are excessively long.

If you plan to schedule parallel sessions (break-outs) it is wise to inform us from the start as this requires recruiting additional interpreters. 

Smart planning saves costs

Will you need interpreting on each day of the conference? Or are there days on which no translation services are required? Please consider that if interpreters need to specifically travel to a venue outside Vienna interpreters are entitled to compensation for “in-between days”. It would thus make more sense financially to schedule the interpreting assignment without any “in-between days”. 

Many events start with an evening reception or a dinner where no interpreting is needed. It is worthwhile specifying this in your inquiry.  

We will be happy to help you optimise your interpreting assignment with a focus on minimising costs.  


The size of your interpreting team depends to a large extent on the event set-up.  The number of interpreters required is largely determined by the structure of your event. Involving us in your planning at an early stage means that we can work on an optimum solution together.  

Ideally you will send us the preliminary agenda and the schedule together with your inquiry.  This will enable us to identify the most efficient team structure and avoid duplications. This also regards the planning of your technical equipment.  

The agenda also reveals whether to expect overtime thus indicating how intense the event will be. 

Availability of interpreters per language 

Availability depends on the event date and the requested language combination. Professional conference interpreters are rare even for popular languages with occasional peaks occurring due to multiple simultaneous events. Nor are all languages available in all places. Thanks to our market strength, experience, and extensive network, however, you can be sure that we will never leave you speechless. If necessary, however, interpreters might be sourced from abroad - which means higher costs. It is therefore strongly recommended to plan and book in good time. As always we will be happy to assist you.   


Provided all interpreters are available locally, you will only pay the respective day rates. If, however, international sourcing is necessary, travel costs, overnight stays, board, and possibly travel time compensation might also apply. To keep costs to a minimum we kindly recommend to get in touch as soon as possible. 


How about speaking your own language?

Our interpreters are professional communicators. 

They are your best guarantee of success for getting your message perfectly across.

Which languages will your listeners understand? Which languages do your speakers speak fluently? Choosing the right languages for your meeting is crucial for its success.

Even though predictions are a bit of a challenge, recent studies indicate that the language of the Grande Nation might soon enjoy a true revival as the world’s no. 1 tongue. The reasons might seem a bit of a surprise - and then again they might not.

Throughout centuries French was regarded the domineering language of the educated classes throughout Europe, a symbol of class and refinement, the language of diplomats and royalty. In fact, French used to be the lingua franca until English conquered this position in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Choosing the right interpreting provider is essential for the success of your event, but sometimes quite tricky considering the large number of options. Here is how to proceed:

  • Make sure to pick a seasoned provider: every event is special, every business meeting pursues different goals - only experienced bookers with substantial resources guarantee that your needs are matched with the right professional to achieve the success you truly deserve.