Interpreting equipment

High quality by ad hoc

To interpreting requires first-class equipment so that you can enjoy the services rendered by your interpreters to the fullest which is why we offer you state-of-the-art interpreting and conference equipment!Each event is different, every setting has its own specific profile requiring a tailormade response. Send us your specific requests and we will provide you with a customised quote.

Explanation of terms

Interpreting system

The interpreting system allows participants to listen to the translation. Interpreters usually sit in soundproof booths and speak into a microphone while listening to the speakers via headsets. Listeners get the translation via infrared directly into their headsets. The system is tailored each time to the specific requirements of the event.

Translation booth/Interpreter‘s booth

Booths allow interpreters to fully concentrate on their job whilst shutting out all disturbances from noises in the room. At the same time booths also make sure that listeners not following the translation will fully enjoy the conference without any disturbance by the interpreters translating.Some venues boast built-in translation booths. Where these are not available you will require the mobile version. 
Our interpreter’s booths comply with ISO standard 4043 and measure as follows: W/L/H 160 cm/160 cm/200 cm for the 2 interpreters version and 240/160/200 for 2-3 interpreters. Another 80 cm are needed for the door which can be installed either at the back or on either side. Ideally a distance of approx. one metre should be kept between the audience and the booths.


Receivers and headsets enable your listeners to follow the translation, switch between languages, and regulate the volume. Whilst we take care of regular maintenance we also make sure that headsets are thoroughly cleaned after every event so that the equipment will be as clean as the sound.
ATTENTION: Clients are responsible for the full return of all receivers after the event. Since experience has shown that participants occasionally tend to mistake receivers for souvenirs and take them back home with them without thinking twice about the negative consequences of such action for the organisers, we recommend an early decision on how to prevent such unhappy outcomes. Pledges are a popular option and special insurances also exist. If in doubt we will be happy to provide advice. 
Organisers are also in charge of handing out and collecting the receivers. If you prefer to outsource these tasks, our conference hostesses will be happy to assist you.


Our technicians make sure that your event will be a smooth success. They transport the system, take care of the installation and break-down, fine-tune it, and do the sound-checks to guarantee optimum listening enjoyment. Our technicians are your good spirits, remaining invisible and monitoring the event from the background, but there on the spot should need arise.

Tour systems

Tour systems were developed as support equipment for guides. They are not the option of first choice for high-class interpreting assignments.
Flexible use: tour systems as mobile and easy to transport. They come in a briefcase-type case and are ideal for mobile assignments such as guided tours including outside.
Tour systems are cheap for short assignments with few listeners, the downside being that they are cheap in many respects.
The transmission quality offered by tour systems does not measure up to that of classic interpreting equipment.
The interpreters work without a booth in the same room as the audience. Their voices are hence clearly heard by everyone and often considered a nuisance. The set-up also makes it harder for the interpreters to concentrate.
Interpreters do not listen to the source text via headsets but need to catch it directly from the speaker. As a result the translation will be less complete.
Usually tour systems come without technicians so that no one is there to help should problems arise.
Tour systems are more susceptible to disruptions than classic interpreting systems.
Interpreting systems are not ideal for events with numerous participants.

Sound systems and microphones

Sound systems are as much a must for the smooth functioning of interpreting systems as are microphones. 
Often both sound systems and microphones are included in your package deal with your event location. Plese check carefully to avoid double booking.
Subject to your specific requirements we will be happy to offer you table-top microphones, stand mikes, and radio microphones (hand-held, clip-on, and headset) as well as in-ear.

Transmission to an adjacent room

Your conference room is not large enough for a translation booth? No problem! We will be happy to install the system in an adjacent room or corridor and provide video transmission for the interpreters. Some locations even feature interior windows so that no monitors will be required. 
Planning details can be sorted during site visits.

Audio and video recording

We are happy to offer you professional audio and video recording of your event. Let us know what you need and we will advise you on your best options.

Office services

To support your back-office staff during the event we provide you with:
Laser printers
Photocopiers A3/A4
Beamers + screens
MP3 recording on SD card
Transcripts of your audio files in MSWord or pdf files
Written translations of your transcripts
Written translations of your minutes

Other event equipment

At ad hoc we will also provide any other type of conference equipment. From beamers to projectors and voting systems, screens, mobile stages, rigging and truss you will find everything your heart desires. Get in touch and we will provide a detailed offer.