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The language of the Grande Nation is right on track back to its former position as the world’s number one lingua franca. Whilst in the 20th century the dominating role of the US and consequently also of the English language were undoubted, French is currently experiencing a real boom with the enormous population growth on the African continent. Some people even expect it to turn into the most widely spoken language worldwide by 2060. Also promising for the future of French is Brexit - since it is generally assumed that once the UK will have departed from the EU, the relevance of the English language will largely decline in the European institutions and will lose much of its importance to French and German.

Parlez-vous français - do you speak French? Pas encore - not yet? No problem, we provide you with top-class French - English - French interpreters and translations English - French - English as well as all other language combinations such as interpreters German - French - German! We translate your contracts, agreements, business documents, and provide your interpreters for conferences, congresses, and business meetings without delay, efficiently, and at an excellent price-performance ratio!

ad hoc offers you:

  • Interpreting and translation services not just to and from French but also all other languages on this planet 
  • Specifically developed in-house quality standards oriented by our customers‘ real needs
  • Top professional interpreters and translators, native speakers with first-class training, impeccable style, and long years of experience
  • Professional order management and strict confidentiality 
  • 6-eye-principle for written translations 
  • Punctual delivery 
  • Flexible organisation of your interpreting assignments 
  • Excellent availability and short response times
  • Interpretation management from an insider perspective 
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We offer you interpreters and written translations in any given language. If you require a specific regional variety (e.g. English for Great Britain or South Africa, French for Angola etc.) Portuguese for Angola etc.), please let us know no later than when placing the order.

French – the language of Molière and diplomacy

As a Romance language French is closely related to e.g. French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. Due to France’s political and cultural primacy at least from the 17th century onwards until the late 19th century its language was regarded in much of Europe as the language of choice of the aristocracy, the cultured classes, and a refined lifestyle.  

As a consequence of the Norman conquest in 1066 numerous French words penetrated the English tongue where they are still used today (e.g. joy, partisan, encounter), and many more are also found in most other European languages.  

A major challenge are so-called „faux amis“, false friends, words that sound familiar in one language, but have a different meaning in the other. You’d better be on your guard when coming across any of the following: F: attendre (wait) ≠ E: attend, F: bras (arm) ≠ E: bras (plural of bra), F: envie (craving, longing) ≠ E: envy. This, of course, is just a short selection and the full list is pretty much endless. 

We will be happy to protect you with our professional translation and interpreting services against these and other pitfalls, not just preventing potential gaffes but also saving you costs, time, and trouble. 

Good to know: the French are not just proud of their language, but also actively promote its preservation and wide use. Since 1635 the Académie Française has been actively advocating the use of French and has been watching over its development, pretty much like the Office québécois de la langue française in Canada and the Service de la langue française in Belgium, whereas the Loi Toubon, a law from 1994 protecting the French language against the infiltration of foreign words, has largely failed for various reasons. The use of French is also promoted by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie with currently 84 members, an international association of countries where French is widely spoken or at least is playing a major role. 

Our recommendation for you: If you are planning an event with French participants, our interpreters always are the right choice for you - regardless of whether your guests also command English, German, or any other language. Offering interpreting services to/from French will always be especially appreciated by French attendants as a particular gesture of politeness and will definitely get you additional bookings.   

French - Facts and Figures

  • Official language in more than 50 countries.
  • Currently one of the fastest growing languages with a predicted total of up to 800 million speakers by 2060.
  • Official language of many international organisations including the UN, the African Union, the European Union, the Universal Postal Union, the Organization of American States, the Latin Union, the Council of Europe, the WTO, etc.